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What is village facilitation?

Demographic change with its numerous effects like an ageing population is leading villages to try out
new ways in many areas to keep village life attractive. One possibility for support is the qualification
as a “village facilitator”, which is offered in the Federal State of Lower Saxony. The participants learn
methods to initiate and accompany development processes in their village in close cooperation with
the local council, church and local associations. They learn to help shape their future and their quality
of life in the village, to awaken creativity and the joy of experimentation, and to ensure a good,
integrating atmosphere for debate. Communicating, cooperating and coordinating are three
important building blocks for bringing citizens together in a "withdrawn" or “diplomatic” facilitation.
One of the tasks of the village facilitators should be to involve different actors of the village
community, to strengthen them for the future and to coordinate the exchange among them. They
should initiate village development processes and implement projects together with the villagers. As
residents, the village facilitators know their village and the people who live there best. They know
what makes people tick and where things go wrong. They have a gut feeling for what works in their
village and what doesn't, what is needed and where things can be improved. They have a good idea
of which projects are necessary and desired and want to work together as a team to make their
village attractive and "fit for the future".